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Burson Announces Brand Offering and Leadership Appointments in the LATAM Region

April 29, 2024

New York, April 29, 2024 -- BCW and Hill & Knowlton, which will merge as of July 1, 2024 to form Burson, today announced the brand’s regional go-to-market offering and its market leaders across Latin America.

“A foundational objective of the Burson merger is to ensure clients have borderless access to the best talent and capabilities to help them solve their most complex challenges and build reputational currency,” said Kristine Boyden, CEO, the Americas, BCW, who will become CEO, Burson, the Americas, upon completion of the merger. “Our offering in Latin America, with Burson and our specialist agencies, is set up to deliver exceptional results for clients to help them build reputation and deliver value.”

All BCW business currently in the region will be incorporated into the flagship Burson brand. Máquina, the Brazil-based firm which became part of BCW through the 2018 merger of Burson-Marsteller and Cohn & Wolfe, will provide national and multinational companies with world-class capabilities and local market expertise in the region’s largest market. JeffreyGroup, the Latin America specialist firm acquired by WPP in 2022, will offer local market expertise and regionwide capabilities across corporate, brand communications and public affairs consulting. All Hill & Knowlton teams will be incorporated into Burson and JeffreyGroup in the region.

Burson has owned operations in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, and Puerto Rico, as well as a regional team in Miami, FL whose capabilities extend across Latin America and the Caribbean, offering interdisciplinary solutions to drive value creation for clients.

“We have an amazing team of talented and experienced communications consultants to counsel our clients and lead our business across the region,” said Brian Burlingame, Burson Latin America CEO. “This is a group of high performers with recognized expertise in their markets and successful track records building and leading talented agency teams and partnering with clients in a variety of industries.”

Market leader appointments include:

  • Denise Cancian, CEO, Burson Argentina
  • Rosa Vanzella, CEO, Burson Brazil
  • Simone Iwasso, President, Burson Brazil
  • Luis Joly, President, JeffreyGroup Brazil
  • Thiago Salles, Managing Director, JeffreyGroup Brazil
  • Denise Humphreys, Market Leader, Burson Chile
  • Dario Minore, Market Leader, Burson Colombia
  • Mauricio Gutiérrez, CEO, Burson Mexico
  • Elisenda Casellas, President, JeffreyGroup Mexico
  • Karla Zamora, Managing Director, JeffreyGroup Mexico
  • Adriana Pedraza, Interim Market Leader, Burson Peru
  • Lynnette Teissonniere, Managing Director, Burson Puerto Rico
  • Hugo Hernandez, Market Leader, Burson Uruguay
  • Natalia Montoya, Managing Director, Burson/JeffreyGroup Regional