Chad Latz

Global Chief Innovation Officer

As Burson’s Global Chief Innovation Officer, Chad Latz oversees the agency’s ongoing innovation efforts.

More About Chad Latz

Chad Latz is Burson’s Chief Innovation Officer. He identifies technology innovations that inspire new opportunities for engagement between stakeholders and brands. In his role, Chad is responsible for leading a team of AI-focused practitioners and partners across data, technology, and academia.

In 2016, Chad was recognized as one of the industry's 25 Most Innovative Professionals by PRovoke Media (formerly The Holmes Report) and, in 2017, he was named among the top 50 most powerful and influential communications professionals globally in the PRWeek Power Book 50.

In 2017, Chad articulated the agency’s first AI strategy, leading to award-winning work in 2018 and 2019. This gave the business a lead on maximizing the opportunity following the generative AI explosion. In July 2023, Chad led the development and launch of BCW Decipher powered by Limbik, a revolutionary platform and consulting solution employing cognitive AI to power communications strategy across reputation management, consumer marketing and healthcare by forecasting what audiences will believe and engage with. In 2024, Chad was named to PRWeek’s “Dashboard 25: AI Edition,” recognizing individuals shaping the most game-changing technologies in the PR sector.

A leadership voice and spokesperson in marketing and communications, Chad is frequently published in top industry outlets, is a keynote speaker and expert commentator. He was recently a featured expert on Generative AI and deepfakes in PRWeek, and on AI and misinformation in Axios Communicators. In 2023, Chad presented at Oxford University Generative AI Summit and was the keynote at the 2024 Fierce Pharma PR & Communications Summit.

Potter, woodworker, avid cook and technology guru, Chad is truly a Renaissance man for the digital age. Having launched his career with a BFA degree in Visual Design, Chad transitioned into the world of integrated marketing and communications by allowing his creative pursuits outside of the office to inform his actions at work.