Sara Gourlay

Global Chair of Technology

Sara Gourlay serves as Burson’s Global Chair of technology, responsible for overseeing the agency’s work in the sector.

More About Sara Gourlay

Sara Gourley, Burson’s Global Chair of Technology, is an experienced senior adviser, with deep and broad experience across all facets of technology. Having held the same position at Hill & Knowlton, she specializes in counseling brands either directly operating in the technology and telecoms space or using technology to drive innovative business models and solutions.

Sara has devised strategies and crafted campaigns across the tech sector, reaching B2B, enterprise and B2C audiences during her 25+ year career. She is adept at all aspects of communications, from public relations to internal communications to PA and advocacy outreach.

Sara has led global, pan-international and regional campaigns for brands including Tata Communications, Microsoft, Nexus, Adobe, BT, HP, Oracle, Vodafone, Huawei, Compaq, Genesys, and Wipro Technologies. Prior to her global leadership role, Sara held leadership positions in Hill & Knowlton’s APAC, Middle Eastern and UK markets. She was Head of Tech for APAC; COO of H&K in India, leading five offices; Client Services Director across the Middle East; and General Manager in both Qatar and Kuwait, where she was responsible for the growth of the business.

Sara spent five years as a board director of Hill & Knowlton London, where she was UK Technology Practice Lead.

Sara has lived in six countries and worked with teams and clients in over 30 markets worldwide.

Sarah graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she earned an MA (Hons) in medieval history and an M.Litt in management, economics and politics.