“Public relations is fundamentally a problem-solving discipline.”Harold Burson

About Burson

We exist for our clients: 
To build and protect their reputations, and to continually reinvent how it's done

We are different by design.

Stewards of Reputation

With an enduring belief that actions speak louder than words, we are leaders in building and protecting client reputations to unlock value for all stakeholder audiences.


Relentless Innovators

Our new innovation suites enable our global experts to leverage cutting-edge technology to solve clients' challenges with faster, better insights, more precise audience engagement, and agile culturally-relevant creative. So you can stay ahead of the curve.

Experts at Scale

Size doesn't matter, but scale does. Our sector expertise, global reach and local relevance enable us to hand-select the perfect team for every client we serve, anywhere in the world. Complemented by our powerful group of specialty agency brands, we bring diverse solutions to any client challenge.


Our Expertise  


Reinventing how it's done.

We are here to reinvent how reputation creates competitive advantage - helping our clients lead, innovate and grow in today's complex operating environment.

We are here to help brands and businesses alike navigate, plan and lead in a world of breathtaking change and disruption. That is why we've developed a portfolio of services through which we help you lead, innovate and grow.

& Brand

& Public Affairs

& Content

& Innovation


Global leadership team

Art Direction by Wynn Burson
Photography by Tina Tyrell

Our Brands


The Burson Group is a strategic network of highly specialized global agencies that partner with clients across geographies, stakeholders and sectors. Together, we help brands and businesses reinvent reputation as a competitive advantage so they can lead today and into the future.

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WPP and Burson

Burson is part of WPP, the creative transformation company.

As part of WPP, Burson has access to leading agencies across all disciplines to help our clients navigate their most pressing challenges and significant opportunities. Our employees also benefit from learning programs through WPP and exposure to the best talent in the business.

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