Our Expertise

Reinventing reputation by redefining how it's done.

Burson's world-class workforce of creative problem-solvers bring expertise, AI-first technologies and first-class creative to help you navigate, plan and lead in today's complex, always-on world.

& Brand

We build brands that enhance reputation, create culture and influence consumer behavior. Whether putting brands into pop culture at the speed of news or addressing more deeply seeded societal challenges, we develop communications that create reputation capital for our clients with unrivaled intelligence, innovation and impact.


Health & Wellness

We provide strategic counsel and flawless execution from corporate to R&D communications to regulatory milestones and more. We have strong connections to regulatory bodies and a deep understanding of the intersection of advocacy, policy and sustainability.

Technology & Entertainment

Technology has never been more transformative, more promising or more risky. Burson deftly navigates that balance, and no one is better prepared to help technology clients navigate what's next.

Our global team of technology communicators keeps your brand moving in the right direction. Whether building reputation, managing risk, launching the next big idea, or providing senior regulatory counsel, we're here to support technology adoption and disruptive innovation.

Energy & Industrials

Adept at communicating complicated and fast-moving issues, we help energy clients navigate the transition toward sustainable progress.

Our experts work across the global energy system, convening government, business and public sector players, and through all parts of the communications mix, delivering issues expertise and engaging stakeholders at every level and across every market.

Consumer Goods & Retail

Our teams are steeped in the latest consumer trends, buying behaviors and industry insights.

Informed by rich consumer insights of every kind, we create bold ideas that make brands and businesses magnetic. Our storytelling drives the type of brand love that keeps customers coming back.

We are passionate about telling brilliant brand stories and creating connections that convert to preference, sales and equity.

Financial Services

We specialize in building, growing and preserving trust, wherever the markets may take us. Our experienced consultants know how to reach corporate, B2B, investor and consumer audiences to help clients navigate a complex, regulated world that faces dramatic disruption daily.

We are experts in conceiving and delivering data-driven integrated multi-channel thought leadership and press offices that find the intersection between what interests the media, our clients’ clients and their business priorities.

Professional Services

When the experts who advise the world need advice, they turn to Burson. Even in a sector that defies clear definition, we break through the complexities to establish concrete business value and enhance corporate reputation, ensuring our clients stand out.

With deep expertise in regulatory advice, research, branding, social, digital and 360 comms, Burson is a proven partner across the professional services sector, delivering the precise support needed to help our clients perform at their best.

From business ventures to client partner considerations, mergers and acquisitions to public reputation, we deliver success for our clients so they can do the same for theirs.

Mobility & Transportation

Whether it’s transportation by air, rail, road or sea, we’re focused on setting clients up for progress – positioning them to overcome challenges, both economic and social, and capitalize on opportunities presented by technological advancements.

We help clients adapt to and navigate the complex network of policies, people and regulations necessary to reach their most critical audiences.

Travel & Tourism

From airlines to cruise lines, experiences to expeditions, historic cities to island nations, we know how to stir emotion, spark wonder and inspire consumers to live life to the fullest.

We have an unparalleled understanding of how consumer expectations and corporate responsibility intersect to define today’s modern travel experience. We leverage deep relationships with influential media across trade and consumer titles to craft compelling stories and secure placements in sought-after sections, blogs and lifestyle commentaries.


Sport has the power to unite us all and inspire the inner fan in everyone.

As the industry has evolved, so have we. Our broad range of experts span all platforms and disciplines and deliver seamlessly on everything from footwear drops to live performance events. We produce campaigns that deliver for global and local audiences.

Government, Public Sector & Non-Profit

From policy shifts to trade to supply chain dynamics, our experts have worked directly with policymakers around the world. We understand the drivers and know the players, the power centers and the right messages – and messengers – for success.

Our global team of strategic advisors provide seasoned counsel and nuanced strategies that reflect and respond to the multi-layered realities of today’s global communities.


Welcome to the Burson Innovation Portfolio, a body of AI-enabled tools that, when paired with human intelligence, enables faster, better insights; precision audience targeting; and culturally relevant creative.

The Burson Innovation Portfolio comprises five suites that serve a continuum of client needs and is strengthened by WPP Open, WPP’s AI-powered marketing operating system. They include:

The Sonar Suite

The Sonar Suite anticipates and evaluates risk through social narrative intelligence.

The Decipher Suite

The Decipher Suite predicts the impact of proactive and defensive communications; the impact of themes globally and regionally; and emerging cultural trends.

The Creators' Suite

The Creators’ Suite creates audience-specific content at scale, by identifying both the supply and demand of information online as well as white space in narratives.

The Specialists' Suite

The Specialists’ Suite trains Burson’s AI tools on specific industry sectors.

The Fount Suite

The Fount Suite which takes an aggregated view of the data across the life cycle of a campaign to measure and optimize performance.